"Ms. Anastasia seems like an extremely passionate individual with enough experience to cover the subject matter. i really appreciate her knowledge" MBA class attendee

“The Lean concept made us positively change our way of thinking and set priorities even in our lives”  Abdullah Heymour, CNO Specialty Hospital, Amman-Jordan

“Besides the huge financial benefit, the Lean project has significantly improved patient flow in the unit” and “I cannot refrain the staff from looking for new opportunities to learn new skills to help them advance there work, 6S Kaizen really turned the department into a learning organization” Celine Abou Karam, Endoscopy Unit Head, AUH, Beirut,Leb

“The instructor, Ms. Sayegh is very motivated about Lean Thinking as a way of life, and she is very impressive” CMO-Jordan

“Lean is Very important topic we should have given it enough time” – Quality Management student-Beirut

“Interesting, add Lean concept as a full course to the Quality Management program”- University students -Beirut, Lebanon

“We really enjoyed working with you and looking for more” Ms. Rabab Diab, Deputy CEO, HCAC- Jordan

Thank you Anastasia for giving us Lean, it healed my nurses relationship” Wahida Ghalayini- CNO, BGUH- Beirut, Leb

Lean not only changed my way of thinking at work, it also improved my life, by focusing on what is important and by eliminating all the time consuming activities that added no value to my life. – It is a flame of improvement that must be passed on“  Talar Kesajkian, APICS-CSCP

Enhance “Lean” course at Makassed Genereal Hospital- Medical laboratories” Dr. Tamima Jisr, Chief Medical Lab,  MGH, Beirut, Lebanon

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